Hi, I'm Bobby!


I am the official mascot of the LEN European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships and yes I am a seal and NOT a dog what many people think, haha. I'm sure you have never seen a two-legged seal before, but hey there is always a first time. :)

I accompany Swiss swimmers on their swimming path. I symbolise quality and successful approach on the way of a swimmer beginning with their first strokes to the biggest successes. My friends say I am a very positive figure – I motivate the swimmers when needed and I never let them forget to love swimming and have fun in the water! I also secure swimmers and teach them from early on how to behave in the water.

I have to say I am a very good swimmer! Throughout the year my homes are uncountable swimming pools and schools, and in summer I love to swim in the clean lakes and rivers of Switzerland and abroad! During the the Championships I will be in Tenero cheering for all the competitors and I will also be taking my time to shoot selfies with the swimmers! 

Here you find some interesting questions I was asked lately. If you have any other questions you can write me on Facebook. Just click on this button. 

Q: Can you swim?
A: Of course I can swim! Even more, I am a great swimmer! I spend half of my life in the water swimming, diving, and having fun.  

Q: What’s your favourite food? Do you like fish?
A: Yes, I like fish and it's my favourite food. I really like fresh white fish from the sea, but I also eat different fishes from Swiss lakes. 

Q: Where do you live?
A: My home is the House of Sports, near Berne where I live together with some other mascots of other sports. But I travel around a lot to help children learn how to swim so sometimes it feels like I live in the swimming pool! 

Q: How do you support the swimmers at the LEN European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships (EJOWSC)?
A: I will be in Tenero cheering for all the swimmers! If they are unsure how to swim tactically or where exactly is the course, I will be happy to help them.

Q: What is your favourite stroke?
A: Honestly, that would be bathing with my friends! Otherwise I would choose crawl. I have some difficulties with swimming butterfly. You know my big head….

Q: Your favourite distance?
A: I am a distance swimmer! Unfortunately I win only 25m. Somehow it happens that people just overpass me when the distance gets longer (probably lack of training…).

Q: Your favourite drink?
A: Water, of course.

Q: What about your hobbies?
A: I really love watching children when learning butterfly!

Q: Your favourite Movie?
A: Mhm…

Q: Your favourite colour?
A: Red!

Q: How many hours do you sleep at night?
A: A lot! I sleep really a lot! I do not function properly if I sleep less then 8 hours per night and also one or two additional hours after my swim session. 


Q: What do you dream about?
A: I have some really good colleagues, my best friends are Tina and Tim, but I am dreaming of meeting a mascot girlfriend. A girlfriend, who would enjoy time with me, go fishing and would laugh with me about jokes that people do not understand. Anyone? 

Q: Do you also have holidays?
A: My life is one big holiday! I have some time off at the end of a swimming season, like all the swimmers. I use this time to enjoy beautiful Switzerland. Usually I spend some days in the mountains, walking or biking. 

Q: How many meters can you swim under water?
A: Well in fact, my body is made for diving as well as for swimming on the surface. I can storage oxygen in my blood as well, which makes me holding my breath for a little longer than a human swimmer. If I am busy with fishing, my dive time can be around 25 minutes. No idea what distance I am able to swim in that time. 

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?
A: No, unfortunately not. But I am rarely at home, always on the road from one competition to the next swim school. With my job, it’s difficult to have a relationship. But I’m perfectly happy with my life, it’s very interesting meeting new people all the time and deducate my time for swimming.