Interview with Ivan Sitic


Ivan Sitic about his preparation and goals for Tenero 2015

We talked to European Youth Champion 2014 Ivan Sitic (1998) a promising young swimmer from Split, Croatia. After a very strong finish, Ivan won the 5 km race at the 2014 European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Zagreb and finished fourth in the 5 km race at the FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Lake Balaton in Hungary in the same year. We asked him about his preparation and goals less than a month before the Championships in Tenero begin. Find his interesting answers below.

How is your training going? Does your training take place only in the pool or also in open water?
My training is going very well, even though I’ve had some minor injuries. We train mostly in the pool but depending on the main goal of the season, we do sometimes train in open water.

How does your typical day look like?
Every day I wake up at 5.20 a.m. to prepare for my 6 a.m. practice, after which I go to school until 2 p.m. and then again another practice at 3 p.m. Depending on the training period I may have another short evening practice and after that I study or have some free time.

Last year you won the 5 km at the European Junior Open Water Championships in front of the home spectators in Zagreb. In Tenero you will be on the starting list for the 7.5 km race. What are your expectations?
My realistic expectations for the 7.5km race are to finish in the top 8 and remain in the leading pack until the finish line, but still, it would be really nice to get in the top 5.

You come from a family of very successful (open water) swimmers. Your father was a national champion and your sisters are both great open water swimmers; Karla is an Olympian (12th at London 2012 Olympics). Are you under pressure?
My family is what pushes me forward every single day and at the same time they are the only people I'm afraid to let down. I am under a great amount of pressure on each of my events, but sometimes pressure is the thing that helps me achieve my goals. :)