Training Camps in Tenero


Teams that may wish to arrive before Wednesday or stay after the competitions may use the excellent facilities and services of CST for their training camp. For availability and prices please contact the Organising Committee [tocco-encoded-addr:MTE2LDEwMSwxMTAsMTAxLDExNCwxMTEsNTAsNDgsNDksNTMsNjQsMTE1LDExOSwxMDUsMTE1LDExNSw0NSwxMTUsMTE5LDEwNSwxMDksMTA5LDEwNSwxMTAsMTAzLDQ2LDk5LDEwNA==].



  • An Olympic swimming pool (50 m x 21 m, 180 cm in depth)
  • A pool for non-swimmers (10 m x 16 m, 70-130 cm in depth)
  • A diving pool (1, 3, and 5-metre diving boards as well as a ramp for acrobatic ski-jumping, 400 cm in depth)
  • Constant water temperature between 26 and 27 C
  • A very clean lake for open-water swimming


The latest equipment

The Olympic pool is equipped with 16 new-generation starting blocks and devices for measuring reaction times as well as backstroke starting platform.


Dry-land training

CST has 160 separate sports facilities it can make available, including: football pitches, gymnasium, multi-functional areas, an open-air athletic stadium and an indoor athletics stadium, a Finnish running track (1 km), 3 weight-training rooms, a nautical centre, beach volleyball pitches, tennis courts, a BMX track with bicycles and safety equipment, 2 golfing greens, archery butts, a field for skater hickey, climbing walls, etc.


Recovery, refreshment, recreation

Healthy sporting activity also includes time for psychical and mental renewal, in particular recovery, theoretical training and recreational activities. For this purpose, CST can offer suitable areas and facilities such as: a massage room, a wellness area, theory rooms, an Internet point and free WiFi connection, Lounge bar and barbecue facilities.


The medical centre

The Sports Medicine and Surgery Centre of the La Carità Hospital in Locarno is available for examinations, consultancy, sports diagnosis and sports injuries.